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Get Back To Work, Slackers

Penny Herscher, CEO of FirstRain, states in her blog:

We’ve made a terrific change this year to our vacation policy – which is basically not to have one…. We have a very intense culture today. People work hard, they work long hours inside and outside “normal business hours”, from home, from airplanes, and we don’t clock or watch the hours they work. So if we don’t clock the hours they are here, why should we clock the hours they are not? Why should we be tracking paperwork and forms when an employee takes the day off but we don’t do the same for when they work over a weekend.

She’s joking right? Trusting your employees and giving them total responsibility for managing their time? No way bro. That’s just not how it’s done! Poor FirstRain. Productivity is going to plummet and a trip to bankruptcy court is forthcoming, no?

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