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Are You Still Working On That?

It’s funny enough when you work for a one dimensional manager (one dimension = schedule), but it’s even funnier when another 1D manager that has nothing to do with your project stops by to chit chat and he/she inevitably asks you:

Are you still working on that?

LOL! Being 1D, and even though he/she has no idea what it takes (or should take) to finish a project, the question can be interpreted as: Since you’re not done, you’re lazy or you’re screwing up.

When the question pops up, try this Judo move:

Should I be done? How long should it have taken?

Or, you can be really nasty and retort with:

Yes I am still working on it. Sorry, but it’s not a shallow and superficial management task like signing off on a document I haven’t read or attending an agenda-less meeting that I could check off on my TODO list.

Come on, I dare you.

  1. exoskeletalcrustacian
    December 7, 2010 at 12:11 pm

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