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Red State

Yesterday, I rented and watched the latest Kevin Smith movie on YouTube. “Red State” is a well written, well acted, well crafted, and wild cinematic ride that’s way different from any of Mr. Smith’s previous movies.

Created with a miserly budget (like all of his movies) of $5M and distributed by Kevin himself, it stars John Goodman, (Oscar winner) Melissa Leo, Stephen “Office Space” Root, and Michael Parks. Oh, and Kevin Pollak makes a short but memorable appearance and disappearance in the flick. D’oh!

The movie’s plot revolves around the psychopathic deeds “executed” by a god-fearing religious cult and the incompetent hypocrisy of the US ATF in bringing down this “terrorist cell“. Mr. Parks gives a riveting and Oscar worthy performance as the calm and cool psycho-patriarch of the “pure” christian sect.

As is custom, Kevin’s script contains some funny one-liners interwoven with some seriously biting dialog. There are also several shocking “holy shit!” scenes that come out of nowhere to keep you on the edge of your seat and highly engaged with the medium. Fer sure, it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. You should see it too.

Note: I have no idea if the fictional town of  “Cooper’s Dell” resides in the great state of Texas. It’s just the first state that came to mind when I started to compose the dorky BD00 graphic for this post. Hee Haw!

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