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Codan The Barbarian

In the Indigo release of Eclipse‘s C++ Development Tools (CDT) plugin, the Codan static code analyzer runs in real time as you type in your code. As shown below, you can customize the rule set that Codan enforces via the “Preferences/C++/Code Analysis” dialog window.  (My fave is the “ambiguous problem” entry.)

The figure below shows a few examples of Codan in action. While typing in code, a gold (warning) or red (error) bug icon appears adjacent to the line number of the crappy code you write.

Some of Codan’s warnings and errors are also detected by good compilers, but it’s kind of neat that you can discover and correct your defects before running the compiler/linker. This feature is a boon for large programs that take a while to compile and link.

As a long time developer, I’m thrilled to death to have open source tools like Eclipse available to dolts like BD00. I remember the old days when there were not many commercial tools available, yet alone high caliber, open source tool suites like Eclipse.

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