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In the brilliant YouTube video, “An Introduction to Erlang (for Python programmers) “, the narrator presents the following facts about Erlang that are shocking to “normal” programmers trained in object-oriented languages:

So, why would anyone want to learn Erlang? Because….

In my case, the fact that concurrency, distribution, fault-tolerance, and hot-swapping are built in to the language make me a huge Erlang fan. On the downside, I’m not a fan of “managed” languages.  However, Erlang’s positives far outweigh its negatives. What do you think?

Awhile ago, I started a focused effort to learn how to program idiomatically in Erlang. However, because:

1 I’m a slooow learner.

2 C++/Java are the languages that my company’s products are written in.

3 ……

I’ve abandoned  the “deep dive” into the language. However, I’m definitely still watching from the periphery because my gut tells me that Erlang will continue its rise into prominence.

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