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PPPP Invention

In “Engineering A Safer World“, Nancy Leveson uses the autopilot example below to illustrate the extra step of complexity that was introduced into the product development process with the integration of computers and software into electro-mechanical system designs.

In the worst case, as illustrated below, the inter-role communication problem can be exacerbated. Although the “gap of misunderstanding” from language mismatch is always greatest between the Domain Expert and the Software Architect, as more roles get added to the project, more errors/defects are injected into the process.

But wait! It can get worse, or should I say, “more challenging“. Each person in the chain of cacophony can be a member of a potentially different group with conflicting goals.

But wait, it can get worser! By consciously or unconsciously adding multiple managers and executives to the mix, you can put the finishing touch on your very own Proprietary Poop Producing Process (PPPP).

So, how can you try to inhibit inventing your very own PPPP? Two techniques come to mind:

  • Frequent, sustained, proactive, inter-language education (to close the gaps of misunderstanding).
  • Minimization of the number of meddling managers (and especially, pseudo-manager wannabes) allowed anywhere near the project.

Got any other ideas?

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