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Finish Line

Phew, I think I did it! I think I wrote and published 365 ridiculous blog posts in 2011. I successfully conquered the wordpress.com “post a day 2011” challenge. Woot!

Alas, it wasn’t really that hard; I never shut up, I’m a hopeless ruminator, and I’m so full of crap that the words and dorky pictures seem to flow effortlessly out of nowhere and onto the e-canvas.

So, since I’m sure that I’m the only one who accomplished this great feat of daring, where is my freakin’ ONE……….. MILLION……………….. DOLLARS?

As a note of thanks, I gotta give a huge-uh shout out to the brilliant and caring people at automattic who created and constantly innovate on the wordpress web site platform. It’s a joy to work with your product because it virtually disappears into the background when I’m concocting my dorky posts. I hope the profits are rollin’ in, and keep up the great work!

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