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Well Architected

The UML component diagram below attempts to model the concept and characteristics of a well architected software-intensive system.

What other attributes of well architected/designed systems are there?

Without a sketched out blueprint like this, if you start designing and/or coding and cobbling together components randomly selected out of the blue and with no concept of layering/balancing, the chance that you end up will a well architected system is nil. You may get it “working” and have a nice GUI pasted on top of the beast, but under the covers it will be fragile and costly to extend/maintain/debug – unless a miracle has occurred.

If you or your management don’t know or care or are “allowed” to expose, capture, and continuously iterate on that architecture/design dwelling in your faulty and severely limited mind and memory, then you deserve what you get. Sadly, even though they don’t deserve it, every other stakeholder gets it too: your company, your customers, your fellow downstream maintainers, etc….

  1. January 6, 2012 at 8:25 am

    Nice diagram. Makes sense. You’re not as stupid as you always say you are ;-)!

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