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It’s What We Do

March 18, 2013 1 comment

Error correction is what we are doing every instant of our lives – John Gall (The Systems Bible, P84)

OMG! Mr. Gall’s wisdom is spot on with William T. PowersPCT, which in effect states that:

We are a mysterious stacked aggregate of thousands of little control systems acting continuously on our environment in a manner which corrects errors between what we desire and what is. (BD00 via William Powers)

Need some dorky picture to visualize the undecipherable message? For context, try this one first:

CS Template

Next try this model of “us” (actually, anything that’s alive):

Stacked CS

When we go to sleep, our conscious mental control system building blocks temporarily go dormant. However, those at the periphery of the stack which directly penetrate the physical “us/environment” boundary never sleep – because the environment never sleeps. These unsung workhorse heroes at the bottom of the hierarchy symphonically collaborate to keep our blood pressure, temperature, breathing, heart beat, etc, within some preset genetic limits so that we can wake up the next morning! And the little buggers do this by…. continuously correcting for errors between what the bazillion “controlled variables” are and what they should be. Error correction is what we do.

Note that without nature’s loving cooperation in keeping the variations in the environment within the controllable limits of our little friends, we wouldn’t be here now – we wouldn’t have even “begun“. What a joyous and miraculous dance of life, no?

So, the next time someone asks you what you do for a living, tell them that you correct errors.

It’s Systems As Such

March 10, 2013 1 comment

BD00 is tickled pink to have discovered the work of systems guru John Gall through Ruth Malan and thinkpurpose (muchos gracias Ruth and TP!). Behold the wisdom of the man:

Galls Laws

If you’re an anointed leader (a.k.a dictator) and/or so-called change agent, you better freakin’ paste these galling truisms on your wall and consult them before designing your next system or mandating a change “from above” to an existing system. Actually, fuggedaboud it. It doesn’t matter. You’re hosed no matter what; even if you think you aint.

The problem isn’t THE system, it’s systems as such – John Gall

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